The Villain's Dilemma.

On one hand Zynestro is using proper channels for his nefarious deeds, on the other he is starting to see that it might not be enough for his needs (his fallback is almost always Dark Pink Five, almost), so he's using a state-of-the-art facility to try to summon the source of the toddler superhero's powers of which he is not certain but believes he will get in the end.

We seriously doubt he can summon enough of "The Source" you see dear readers, the one thing he has yet to understand is the enormous power it is needed to wield this mysterious force, of which there is only one and it is living inside our Superhero, no computer simulation nor quantum analysis can faithfully represent the greatness of this entity.

So hard as they might try, there is only one true 
Superhero Source*. 

(*: there are of course five other "subjects" kept away at a secret lab in cryogenic storage and even though Zynestro knows this what he does not know is that they share part of the original's source and if brought out of deep freeze they can grow their own into full force if the right circumstances are met.)